Phosphorus NP fertilizer with trace elements and amino acids

MAIS STARTER is a phosphorus NP fertilizer with trace elements and amino
acids that can be easily absorbed by the plant even under unfavorable conditions.
MAIS STARTER has been developed for corn in special, can however also be used
for other zinc and manganese demanding crops.

- increased stress resistance.
- better quality and higher yields.
- better root development.
- better nutrient uptake.

Application and dosage:
From the 4-6 leaf stage: 2 l/ha MAIS STARTER.
In combination with herbicede treatments: 2 l/ha MAIS STARTER
Repeat when needed.
All other crops:
When needed 2-3 l/ha MAIS STARTER in 300-600 l water per hectare.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

10 l (13.6 kg), 20 l (27.2 kg)

Composition (in percent by weight):
Total nitrogen (N): 5%
Ammonium nitrogen (N): 2.5%
Nitrate nitrogen (N): 2.5%
Water soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 24%
Water soluble manganese (Mn): 1%
Water soluble zinc (Zn): 1%

Technical data:
Specific weight at 20° C: 1.36 kg/l