Organic fertiliser solution
with peptides, amino acids, humic acids and copper

Curamin is a specially developed foliar fertiliser, containing humic acids and amino acids
are complexed together with copper. This complexation enables Curamin to be readily
and rapidly absorbed through the leaves. A process is triggered in the tissues, through which
copper can release its effect. The rapid supply of organic matter from Curamin enables the
plant to save energy.
The direct absorption of Curamin allows the contents to be immediately used for the synthesis
of vitamins, chlorophyll and other metabolic products.

- Production of plant organic matter through energy conservation.
- Helps the plant to recover rapidly from stress and adverse environmental conditions.
- Accelerates cell division.
- Promotes the formation of buds on trees.
- Strengthens the plant's natural resistance.
- Increases productivity.

Application and dosage:
1-1.5 l/ha in stress situations in combination with 2 l/ha VITTAFOS in 600-800 litres of water.
As required: Repeat weekly.

Apply 2 l/ha several times as the foliage starts to unfold.
In combination with 2,5 kg/ha MICROLAN in 600 Liters of water.

Celery / leek / cauliflower / savoy cabbage / kohlrabi / cabbage:
1 l/ha CURAMIN + 2 l/ha VITTAFOS ca. 3-4 times weekly in min. 500 l/ha litres of water.

Lollo / iceberg / head lettuce:
Repeat 0.3 l/ha CURAMIN + 2 l/ha VITTAFOS weekly as of head formation in more than 500 l/ha of water.

Chinese cabbage / endive:
1 l/ha CURAMIN + 2 l/ha VITTAFOS as required 2-3 times in 500 litres of water.

Chives / parsley:
After every cut, 2 l/ha CURAMIN in 200 litres of water.
During growth, apply 1 l/ha CURAMIN + 2 l/ha VITTAFOS in more than
400 l/ha of water every 7-10 days

Pome and stone fruits:
1-2 applications of 2-3 l/ha after the harvest.

At the beginning of vegetation, 3 - 5 l/ha CURAMIN + 3 l/ha VITTAFOS, repeat as required.
In the autumn: 1-2 applications of 3 l/ha CURAMIN + 3 - 5 l/ha VITTAFOS.

After finishing the harvest: 3 l/ha, repeat after 10 days.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

10 l (12.5 kg)
20 l (25 kg)

Total nitrogen, organically bound (N): 3%
Water-soluble copper (Cu): 3%
Organic carbon (C): 10%
Organic matter: 17.2%

Technical data:
Specific weight at 20° C: 1.25 kg/l
pH-value (0.2% solution): 6.8-7.2