NPK fertiliser with trace elements for rape and cereals

Canolan is a foliar fertilizer that provides the plants with all necessary nutrients.

Application and dosage:
Rape and winter cereals:

Spring: 1-2 kg/ha as of the beginning of vegetation.
Autumn: Pre-winter spraying with 1-2 kg/ha.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

25 kg

Total nitrogen (N): 11%
Nitrate nitrogen (N): 1.6%
Ammonium nitrogen (N): 9.4%
Water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 24%
Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O): 14%
Water-soluble magnesium oxide: (MgO) 3%
Water-soluble sulphur (S): 9%
Water-soluble boron (B): 0.01%
Water-soluble copper as a chelate of EDTA (Cu): 0.01%
Water-soluble iron as a chelate of EDTA (Fe): 0.02%
Water-soluble manganese as a chelate of EDTA (Mn): 0.01%
Water-soluble molybdenum (Mo): 0.005%
Water-soluble zinc as a chelate of EDTA (Zn): 0.01%
Stable pH-range for chelating agents: 3-7