Organic fertiliser solution with humic and fulvic acids

Fulvimax is an innovative soil additive.
The high fraction of fulvic acids in Fulvimax makes it a highly effective biological
soil improver. The advantage of fulvic acids in contrast to humic acids is in their
significantly lower molecular mass. Fulvimax is extracted from plant material.

- Better vegetation start
- Helps revive exhausted soils
- Better rooting
- Improves the availability and the transportation of nutrients
- Better fruit quality and better fruits

Application and dosage:
Early crops:
- Fertigation with 15-20 l/ha Fulvimax as of mid-February.
- 20 l/ha Fulvimax at the end of the vegetation period in autumn.
Normal crops:
- Spraying or fertigation with 10-15 l/ha Fulvimax before florescence with 1000l/ha of water.
- 20 l/ha Fulvimax at the end of the vegetation period in the autumn.

- 20 l/ha Fulvimax during or before planting, or
- 20 l/ha Fulvimax after flattening the ridges in autumn.

- 1-1.5 l/ha Fulvimax per 100 l of dressing.
- 10 l/ha Fulvimax at row closure with 600 l of water.

Vegetable crops
- 10-15 l/ha Fulvimax several times before planting up to the harvest with 1000 l of water.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

20 l (24 kg)

Organic matter (dry matter): 92.2%
C/N ratio: 15.7%

Technical data:
pH-value 4.5-4.7%
Specific weight: 1.20 kg/l