Organic fertiliser solution

Alginamin is an organic suspension with highly concentrated algae and amino acids.
Alginamin is applied as a foliar fertiliser and also for fertigation in fruit and vegetable
production and vine growing. The high auxin content in Alginamin promotes cell growth
and stimulates root growth.

- Promotes cell growth
- Increases vitality
- Stimulates root growth

Application and dosage:
- 0.3-0.5 l/ha ALGINAMIN 10-16 days after planting, repeat 2-3 times.
- Fertigate 3 l/ha ALGINAMIN at vegetation start, repeat 2-3 times at 2-week intervals.

Vine growing:
- 0.5 l/ha ALGINAMIN twice before the beginning of florescence and once after florescence
  with 300-600 l/ha of water.

- 0.3 l/ha ALGINAMIN with 3 l/ha Vittafos before the beginning of florescence and
  at 10-day intervals during florescence with 300-600 l/ha of water.
- Fertigate 3 l/ha ALGINAMIN respectively at florescence, for fruit growth and after planting.

Stone and pome fruits:
- 0.3-0.5 l/ha ALGINAMIN for fruit growth with 300-600 l/ha of water.

Tree nursery and ornamental plants:
- 0.3-0.5 l/ha ALGINAMIN after planting with 300-600 l/ha of water.
- 2.5 l/ha ALGINAMIN for fertigation.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

1 l (1.2 kg)
5 l (6.1 kg)

Total nitrogen (N): 12%
Organic nitrogen (N): 3.4%
Carbamide nitrogen (N): 8.6%
Organic carbon (C): 9.5%
Organic matter: 60%

Technical data:
Specific weight at 20° C: 1.22 kg/l
ph-value: 6.9-7.1