Trace nutrient mixed fertiliser for foliar fertilisation

Microlan is a foliar fertiliser specially developed for apples and pears.
It contains trace elements and a special kaolin mixture.
Microlan prevents spots on the skin (especially on Golden Delicious)
that are caused by ambient humidity.
In this sense, Microlan has a "cosmetic" function and protects the fruit
against such risks and thus increases quality and reduces rejected fruit.

Microlan is very effective in asparagus.
Microlan helps to build up the resilience of asparagus plants and ensures
a longer vegetation period.

Application and dosage:
Apple, pear:
Min. 5-6 applications, every 7-8 days at a dosage of 250 g/100 litres of water.

Repeat several times 2.5 kg/ha MICROLAN in combination with 2 l/ha CURAMIN
(from the moment of unfolding of the leaves) with 600 liters of water.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

2.5 kg

Water-soluble boron (B): 4%
Water-soluble manganese (Mn): 0.5%
Water-soluble zinc (Zn): 0.5%

Technical data:
pH in 0.25% solution: 6.8-7.2