Organic fertiliser solution

Bio Sprint is a special product for fertigation containing organic nitrogen based on amino
acids and peptides of low molecular weight which derives from hydrolised organic matter.
Bio Sprint contains 6.5% organic nitrogen, totally 23% organic carbon, absolutely no heavy
metals. Due to it’s high solubility, Bio Sprint is uptaken very quickly by the roots.
Bio Sprint can be used in organic agriculture.

Application and dosage:
Foliar fertilisation: After planting and up to harvest, apply 2-3 l/ha Bio Sprint regularly
Fertigation: 20-25 l/ha of Bio Sprint after planting, at florescence and during fruit growth.

Vegetable crops:
Foliar fertilisation: Apply 2-3 l/ha of Bio Sprint several times as of planting up to the harvest
Fertigation: Apply 10-15 l/ha of Bio Sprint several times during the whole cycle.

Sugar beet:
1-2 l/ha Bio Sprint for each posts-emergence treatment at cotyledon stage of the weeds.

Foliar fertilisation: Apply 2-3 l/ha Bio Sprint several times during the whole cycle.

Pome and stone fruit:
Foliar fertilisation: 2-3 l/ha Bio Sprint at all development phases.

Vine and table grapes:
Foliar fertilisation: 2-3 l/ha Bio Sprint during shoot development, vine development, florescence
begin and fruit growth.

This product can be mixed with all known plant protection products,
however, we recommend performing a miscibility test before using.

10 l (12.50 kg)

BIO Sprint
Organic matter: 44%
Total nitrogen (N): 6.5%
Organic nitrogen min. (N): 6.5%

Technical data:
Specific weight at 20° C: 1.25 kg/l
pH-value (0.2% solution): 6.5-6.7

Aminogram (gr/100gr of amino acids)
Aspartic acid: 5.70
Glutamic acid: 10.42
Alanine: 8.93
Arginine: 5.95
Cysteine: 0.37
Phenylalanine: 2.48
Glycine: 25.31
Hydroxyproline: 8.18
Isoleucine: 1.48
Histidine: 1.24
Leucine: 3.72
Lysine: 4.46
Methionine: 0.74
Proline: 13.97
Serine: 1.73
Tyrosine: 1.48
Threonine: 0.99
Tryptophane: 0.37
Valine: 2.48