The best solution for plant nutrition

Biokimia international S.r.l.
offers the best solution for plant nutrition by producing special fertilisers for advanced agricultural fruit crops, horticultural crops, ornamental and field crops. We can provide affiliated retailers with different after-sale services and targeted technical service for the end users.

Targeted tailor made fertiliser programmes
Thanks to many years of experience, Biokimia International S.r.l.‘s technical staff are capable of working out targeted and personalized fertilising programmes that cover the many different crop needs, following the climatical characteristics of the environment where the crops are planted, vegetal physiology, genetics and health status of the plants to be treated. Following nature without changing it, finding the correct balance and preventing stress are synonymous for a successful and sustainable agriculture.

- Fertilisers for foliar application, liquids and soluble powders
- Special fertilisers for foliar and fertigation applications
- Phos-Phytos range
- Trace elements
- Calcium and Magnesium · Meso elements
- Fertilisers for fertigation, liquids and soluble powders
- Organic, organo-mineral and special granular fertilisers

Biokimia’s aim is to give the best service to retailers and farmers in Italy and abroad